Bas Duijsens
Bas Duijsens, Chief Executive Officer at WIBRA

Jeroen is an experienced and engaging manager in the field of retail. Jeroen supports Wibra in general management and real estate consultancy for 1,5 years now. He approaches the topics at hand with confidence and solid background knowledge. His people management and communication skills are outstanding. These features combined with his good sense of humour make it a pleasure working with him. I can highly recommend Jeroen for a senior management position or a supervisory board role.

Koos van Santen
Koos van Santen, Manager Operations / MT-lid bij Electronic Partner

Gisteren heeft Jeroen ons MT meegenomen op een prachtige vlucht over de oude versus de nieuwe retailwereld. Hij sprak inspirerend over de benodigde beleving in de retail, over daar waar dat al gerealiseerd wordt en daar waar nog ‘werk aan de winkel’ is. Een prachtige en vooral verhelderende reis over een ruw, maar prachtig landschap!

Volker Dick
Volker Dick, Head of Retail Experience bij C&A

I had the pleasure to work with Jeroen 2015 - 2017 leading the Store Concept Implementation team in his department at C&A Europe.

During that time I got to know Jeroen as an outstanding leader with a style that combines expertise in retail & real estate with focus, commitment, honesty & transparency. In combination with his human values and humor that always allowed the team to easily connect and get behind joint objectives. Collaboration was always on eye level and driven by the respect for other opinions & expertises that other parties can bring.

With that approach Jeroen built an international team and enabled it to establish the store concept department within C&A Europe as the central go to function for all store development & real estate related queries. At the same time he motivated the team to not stand still but continuously improve and evolve the approach to the stores in order to be able to successfully scale our roll out.

It was thanks to his approach & attitude that the team was able to deliver while navigating the complexities of the 21st century retail landscape.

Bart van den Nieuwenhof
Bart van den Nieuwenhof, CEO at Hans Anders Retail Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeroen at more than 1 business. Never have I come a cross in life, a more people oriented, talented person. Jeroen brings relationship management skills, sincere interest in people and practical business-, as well as cultural sensitivity to the table, all in most natural and charming manner.

Philip Mountford
Philip Mountford, CEO Hunkemöller B.V.

Jeroen was a great asset to the business and helped us create and implement our aggressive expansion plan. During the period with us Jeroen oversaw the opening of over 100 stores across Europe and his in depth knowledge was critical to our success. Jeroen speer headed our expansion into Austria and Sweden and lead the procedure.

Edwin Fafié
Edwin Fafié, DGA at PERCEPTIE: Advisering en Training

Met Jeroen werken is werken met een professioneel, kundig, toegewijd en talentvol persoon. Jeroen overziet het gehele werkveld en met zijn krachtige en energieke uitstraling is hij uiterst snel in staat om tot de kern bij mens en organisatie door te dringen. Door zijn diplomatie weet hij complexe vraagstukken vakkundig te doorgronden en op te lossen. Dit alles wordt nog eens gecomplementeerd met een gezonde dosis humor en relativeringsvermogen.

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